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Author: alex

Positives of having bespoke software

All businesses need some form of software development platform, whether that business decides only to have a website to advertise its wares or whether that business supplies a service that relies upon constant communication with the client or customer, uses technology to manage inventory and reviews its progress on a regular and frequent basis. Software development platforms are available to buy ‘off the shelf’, the question is, why go anywhere else? The first thing to consider is what are you going to have to compromise in buying software that is not bespoke to your business? Something not tailored to...

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Moving to a bespoke software development platform

If, as a business, you don’t already have a software development platform, then the benefits of having one are obvious; a platform that suits your business to the finest degree, that has been built with your business model in mind and allows for growth when required. If, however, your business already has a software platform taken from an ‘off the shelf’ provider, then the opportunity to get something your business really needs by moving to a bespoke platform is just as great. Without bespoke software, the chances are that a business’ software is a real consideration each time that...

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How software can help your business

Information technology, and more particularly, the software that controls this information is not a new concept or tool for businesses. However, what is becoming more prevalent these days is the fact that successful businesses have taken software and the potentials it offers and run with it. Perhaps what has changed is that people are realising that a business doesn’t have to be a robot-driven factory-operating supplier-facing organisation to feel real benefits of software designed with their business model in mind. The two main reasons for having the right type of software fit perfectly into the two most important tenets...

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What’s shaking up software development

Software development should be coming of age by now, but for some businesses, the fact that a website is the new shop window has only just registered at the till. Software development is so much more than this and, as the prudent business will recognise, with every new technology advance, software is there either having created the advance or embracing it. Software development can provide streamlining, analytical tools and an experience for the customer or client that is tailored to the product or service. The software for a business is developed around the business model, but can also play...

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