If, as a business, you don’t already have a software development platform, then the benefits of having one are obvious; a platform that suits your business to the finest degree, that has been built with your business model in mind and allows for growth when required. If, however, your business already has a software platform taken from an ‘off the shelf’ provider, then the opportunity to get something your business really needs by moving to a bespoke platform is just as great.

Without bespoke software, the chances are that a business’ software is a real consideration each time that business makes a decision about how to expand, become more efficient or increase sales, i.e. the software starts to play a role in the decision-making process. It’s extremely unlikely that this was ever intended to be the case, but because the software needs to be worked around, it’s just one of those things. It is also likely that some of the software is entirely redundant, taking up useful space and even clogging the system that is required with superfluous data. The situation is far from ideal, in fact, it’s self-defeating – a software platform’s purpose is to lubricate the flow of business, making things easier and encouraging efficiency and productivity – without it being bespoke, a software platform runs the very real risk of restricting and dictating how a business should be run.

With a bespoke software platform provider, the beauty is in the tailoring. The ability to analyse the business model and the processes and the study of the sales journey for a customer or client are all present. The appreciation of a business’ need for speed and capacity as well as the need for compliance with regulation and protection from security risks are also something that a bespoke platform provider can give without it becoming a burden on the business itself.

What’s more, moving to a bespoke software platform can be a painless exercise. A good platform provider won’t let useful data go to waste, in transferring a business’ software to a tailored format, not only will the result cause improved efficiency and sales, but the transition itself can lead to a greater knowledge and more effective platform.