If you live in London then you have a huge variety of software development companies to choose from. There are many high quality tech companies in London (and of course there are plenty of not-so-good ones too!). So when you’re choosing a company you’ll need to go through a selection process to make sure you have a good experience for your project.

The most obvious way to look for a company is to search online via search engines and online advertising. This will give you a lot of possible software development companies in London to work with. You’ll need to narrow them down by checking things like their revenue and profit levels, how many people they employ and what kind of clients they work with.

Given that you’re based in London there are plenty of other resourcing options you have too. There are a lot of software development companies that list in local directories which will also give you reviews to look at and further insights about the work they do. It’s an idea to talk to other business-owners in your local area too, as a personal recommendation is a big bonus.

It’s great to work with a local company, and you’re certainly spoilt for choice in London. Having said that, it’s also worth considering software development companies who are based outside of London. They can easily travel to you when needed and most companies will do a lot of their work remotely anyway. Perhaps there are cost savings to be made by working with a company who will have lower overheads because they’re not paying London rent and salaries!

Wherever the company is that you choose to work with, the biggest thing to ascertain is whether you can trust them with the project. There are many failed software development projects out there and many companies who are not capable of finishing a successful project or supporting a product in the long-run. Bear this in mind and remember that if you can trust a company and see that they’re capable of delivering, don’t get hung up on the fact that they’re not a London development firm.

Do your research to make sure that they’re a credible firm and get them to come to your offices to present. You’ll probably want to visit their premises too because that way you’ll get to meet more of their team members and get an insight into how they work and what they’re like to work with. Even if that initial meeting means a few of you taking a day off site out of London, it will be worth it to gauge their ability to develop the software project you have in mind.