Software development should be coming of age by now, but for some businesses, the fact that a website is the new shop window has only just registered at the till. Software development is so much more than this and, as the prudent business will recognise, with every new technology advance, software is there either having created the advance or embracing it.

Software development can provide streamlining, analytical tools and an experience for the customer or client that is tailored to the product or service. The software for a business is developed around the business model, but can also play a part in developing the business model itself – perhaps it is this aspect that people are now starting to realise.

It has long been true that a good software development platform can affect a business’ model if designed in a truly bespoke fashion; such a platform would allow for the growth of the business and may cultivate the way business is done in order to maximise growth and reduce the inevitable losses that come with expansion. However, as well as being complimentary, with the right vision, software development platforms can take businesses in new and exciting directions too.

The world of information technology continues to expand, virtual reality is no longer the stuff of dystopian movies and mobile computing offers communication and connectivity in any location. Big data systems also enable more and more information to be analysed with purpose. The right type of software development knows all of this and is both ready to tap these sources and waiting for new sources to come up, all built around the business model that initiated it.

Whilst not new, the next stage to come to light in software development is the organic process which can be introduced. With the right software development, not only will it help businesses become more efficient and expand under their own original models, but as technology advances the potential is there for software to open up new revenue streams and even create new products or supplies of its own, all for the business under which it was created.